Beat the market with algorithms that do all the analysis for you. Make your investment decisions based on facts, not fear, bias, or hype.
AI that finds you better stocks
Rupt analyses thousands of stocks and hundreds of data points daily and turns them into one simple, unbiased, and easy-to-understand number for each stock: Rupt Score.
Know what's right
and wrong with stocks
Rupt tracks analysts' performance and calculates consensus price targets. It assigns more weight to those analysts whose forecasts have been accurate in the past.
Get price targets
from the best analysts
Rupt monitors which stocks successful hedge funds own and whether their holdings have increased or decreased.
See what top hedge funds are buying
The backtest results showed that stocks with high Rupt Scores significantly outperformed the S&P 500. The backtest was performed using 2017-2022 stock market data for S&P 500 stocks.
Outperform the stock market
We are a team of data scientists, software engineers, strategy consultants and finance professionals who also have our own money invested in the stock market.

When we started investing, we had full-time jobs and couldn't afford to spend hours on stock analysis every day. We tried many stock analysis tools, but none of them gave us the information we needed in one place. We had to combine data from several sources into an excel spreadsheet and then analyze it ourselves. It took a lot of time and effort. And even then we'd have to interpret the results on our own and decide on each factor's weighting in the final conclusion.

We knew we needed a reliable system to take in all our data and make sense of it, so we could make actionable investment decisions. That's why we wanted to create an algorithm that would analyze all indicators automatically, that could work 24/7 and wouldn't have FOMO, bias or believe the hype. That’s how we came up with the idea of Rupt.

We have spent a year working on Rupt and tweaking our algorithm to get the most reliable results out of it. Rupt does all the analysis for you. It crunches numbers on every bit of available data—from company financials to stock technical indicators, hedge fund managers' orders and analysts' buy/sell recommendations—and turns it into one simple number: Rupt Score. This is like getting four separate apps for the price of one, plus having a personal analyst who interprets all the data for you.
About us
What our clients say
"The information is displayed in an easy to read way, and I was able to make a few great trades using this app."
"Super simple and intuitive way to build up your portfolio and track performance. I appreciate the guys add more than general categories, very helpful if you want to explore unusual industries such as cybersecurity."
"Great product! Helps with choice before buying stocks."
"Easy to use, transparent, gathers some valuable information in one place."

AI that finds you better stocks

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